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Ava has had a passion for singing since childhood, having grown up in a household always filled with music — classical pieces and opera wafting through the house, along with Broadway tunes on the turntable. And throughout her life, Ava has been a singer, while raising a child, while working alongside her husband, while earning her doctorate in psychology.


Now retired and in her golden years, child all grown up, and a wonderful husband supporting her artistic endeavors, Ava is able to devote herself fully to singing and performing. 


She loves curating her shows, representing her broad taste in music and repertoire of musical knowledge, including a mixture of songs drawn from Broadway, popular songs across the decades, the American Songbook, and  country-western. The magic of technology allows her to pick and choose the very best accompaniments for her selected tunes. And besides her great singing performances, Ava shares interesting histories and personal anecdotes as she takes her audience on a wonderful, moving, and joyous journey. 


"This specific population of retirement home residents is near and dear to my heart — my parents, for various health reasons, spent their last years in retirement homes and when I look out on the audience, I see them, enjoying themselves — and that enjoyment gives me immense pleasure."

Ava Wynne

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